When will the HSEB result be published?

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It has been more than a three months since the 12th Graders of Management and other faculties other than Science are disperately waiting for the HSEB result. HSEB is failed to publish the result in time, which has been troubling many of the result awating students. The result date still remained uncertain as the internal dispute between the HSEB official has been elevated in the recent days. Some of the already expired officials in HSEB are still functioning administrative tasks in HSEB Board. This brings the conflict and raised different questions upon publishing the result.

But leaving all these internal problem, Santosh Aryal, controller of HSEB Board said that the process for result publication is ongoing very swiftly. “We are working very actively to publish the result in time. But we are still unable to declare the exact date of result.” Aryal said. A total of three lakhs fourty six thousand two hundred and seventy nine students had appeared in 12th grade exam this year from Management, Education and Humanities faculties. While the result of science faculty has already been published a month ago.

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18 Responses to “When will the HSEB result be published?”

  1. Sachin sharma

    Kahile aauxa

    • kiran kunwar

      voli aaaunx

  2. laxmi sitaula

    When the result will be published???

  3. jeshan shakya

    Asti dekhi auxa auxa bhanera kureko aile ta dikaa lagi sakyo….k ho ahjhai kati kuraune…..

  4. Pratibha Upreti

    When will result be published …plz do fast

    • kapil pangeni

      aatinu pardaina k balla tw ma check gardai xu .
      sab pass garaidenxu tens lenu pardaina

  5. Manisa dhungana

    Write comment here…….

  6. nishant kafley

    it shld b publish 2maro..navae dherai loss hunxa merota..

  7. santosh gajurel

    k +2 ko result dhila hunu ma
    political hastachep xa

  8. ashish kc

    waiting for result

  9. Relax

    Hello Bro haru yauta kura vanchu..result sesult baal nagaram relax matra garam.
    Jindagi ma kei garna sakiyena tera yauta kura sadhai gariyo tyo ho relax

    Just Relax

    >relax gies relax

  10. pokku_pakki

    -_- k garya holan jaile nikalchau nikalchau matrai vanchan
    kaile nikalni ho

  11. kripesh pokhrel

    Please publish results as soon as possible cuz many student want to study abroad and due to delay in results, they might as well be late for another 6 months.

  12. Rajiv Prasad Sah

    when will come results of class 11 of2072

    • We are not official result providers. Yet, if we have any info..we will certainly provide you..Stay in touch 🙂

  13. Rajiv Prasad Sah

    Enter your thoughts,comments,questions etc..when will come results of class 11 of 2072

  14. kiran kunwar

    voli aaaunx

  15. pozapoudel

    k ko result