Ways to view HSEB Result

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HSEB result can be viewed in different ways as per the student’s convenience. Some of the most common and suitable way of viewing the result are given below.

From HSEB official page: 

For those  with internet access, just open the offfcial site of HSEB, enter your symbol number and date of birth and  see your result along with the complete ledger. Click here to see the result via HSEB official page once the result is published.

From Nepal Telecom:

Nepal’s largest Internet service  provider, NTC has the largest database and owns the similar features that of HSEB official page.  One can just open the site and enter the required entities to view his/her result. Click here to see the  result via NTC’s website. Or you can also type HSEB give space and your symbol number, then send it  to 1400. Example: HSEB 123456789 to 1400.

From Sparrow SMS: 

Sparrow SMS provides ledger sheet from its mobile application so called Sparrow SMS app as well as from the SMS service. Type HSEB give space and your symbol number, then send it  to 35001. Example: HSEB 123456789 to 35001.

From telephone: 

Dial 1600 and follow the instruction and know your result.

From Newspaper: 

It is the most primitive way of seeing the HSEB result. One can check out his/her division and result status in Gorkhapatra daily. Full ledger is not provided from Gorkhapatra daily.

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