Now you can share your notes with us.


Why should I share my notes?

The revolution in science and technology is intensifying in the world arena but our country Nepal still lies backward in context of education. The learning methodologies of our country is same as that of 40 years before. So, we intend to change the current  trend of traditional education through simplified interactive learning. And we believe that your small contribution will surely bring positive changes in our country.

What do I get when I share my notes at Let’s Learn Nepal ?

This is a non profitable website dedicated to uplift the standard of Nepalese education. We don’t have any earning motives and financial policies. Though your contribution will be highly acknowledged. We will feature your name, photo and a short introduction in our website as a top contributor if your contribution suits our minimum requirements.

What if I have poor grammar and writing skills?

No one is perfect in this world. You can try and use  your sound judgement to include correct grammar, tenses and punctuation in your content.  If you still have problem with grammar, you can send your  raw notes, our editorial board will verify and correct it and then publishes in our website.

I want to share my notes but I cannot type it myself on computer. What shall I do?

We prefer digitized notes from the visitors. Though if you are physically unfit, have no computer at home so that you are unable to digitize yourself. You can send your hardcopy (notebook, copies etc) by contacting us at the address provided at the end of footer below.

How do I share my notes? 

There are various ways for sharing your notes with us. The best way is to submit your notes by registering in our site.

Method 1: 

You can sign in  our site by clicking the topmost right login button. After you successfully logged in, an welcome screen will appear. By clicking the yellow “My notes” button, you can share your digitized notes.

Method 2:

You can directly send your notes by clicking here.

Method 3:

You can send your notes in our G-mail address: Or you can even use the contact form provided at the right end of the footer.


In what ways can I help beside sharing the notes?

There are many topics under which you can cooperate us.  If you think that you can improve and add something more in our notes, you can contact us. You can send us amazing facts,  physics ideas and concept under miscellaneous section, answers to question in our study forum, add up more multiple choice questions under entrance section.

Feel free to ask and comment below if you have any problem sharing your notes. Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

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