Pre-Board Exam Routine for Grade XI and XII

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Higher Secondary School’s Association Nepal (HISSAN) has published the routine of Grade XI and XII Pre-board exam for the academic year 2072-73. According to the notice, Pre-board exam will begin from Falgun 28 for grade 12 and from Chaitra 26 for grade 11.

Official notice is given below:

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6 Responses to “Pre-Board Exam Routine for Grade XI and XII”

  1. Utsav bhattarai


  2. Chandik tamang

    I want to know everything infomation is given about Hseb

  3. Suman sunar

    11 ko routine kahile aaunx


    I’m satisfy with the routine of Pre-broad exam

  5. sajid Ali Khan

    I think subject planning of both routine are right….

  6. Bajrang prasad

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