HSEB introduced technical courses in plus two level

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HSEB has upgraded the syllabus by thereby offering technical courses in plus 2  level from year 2072. With a motive to extend its syllabus and provide added program in technical course for the following programs.

a. Computer Engineering

b. Civil Engineering

c.Electrical Engineering

d. Plant Science

e. Animal Science


Currently 16 colleges got affiliation to run Civil engineering while other are yet to be determined. Student should have studied specific subject in SLC and grade nine for the eligibility to study technical subject in +2 level.

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3 Responses to “HSEB introduced technical courses in plus two level”

  1. rupendra

    I more information about this. on my mail.
    Thank you.

    • What information do you need more? You must have passed Technical SLC to be elligible to study these subject in +2 level. Thanks 🙂

  2. Nishan Sharma

    Exam routine kaile aauxa?? Technical +2 ko??