Grade XII Retotalling Result Published

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HSEB Board has published the retotalling results of Grade 12 science in reference to the application proposed by the students who appeared the board examination of 2072 B.S. Changes has been occurred for the students having the below listed symbol numbers. Students whose symbol number are listed in the notice below are advised to visit HSEB office along with their original mark-sheet of grade 12 for necessary corrections.

Official retotalling result notice

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32 Responses to “Grade XII Retotalling Result Published”

  1. Saugat Pokharel

    Thank you very much.

  2. alex stha

    can u send me retotalling result of management 2072

  3. Esun ojha

    Where to conselt abt re totelling the copies

  4. Anil kumar

    Thanks all studens

  5. Christina sthal

    When will the retotalling result of management published? Its already been almost 4 mnth..

    • Raju giri

      hi do you have any idea about how to see retotling marks !

  6. aasish shah


  7. dilip kurmi

    what about the applicants whose symbol number is not mentioned in the result ,what their marks are constant as they had secured initially or what?please clarify it

  8. Dilip kurmi

    What about applicants whose names are not in the list

  9. kamal ansari

    can u send me retotaling result of science 2073

  10. Roshan shahi

    please can you send me the re-totalling result of grade 12 science…

  11. anish tanrakar

    aru ko chai k vako ho fail nai ho and arko paper ni aauxa ki result ko plz vandinu hola

  12. rudra prasad subedi

    khoi mro dekhayena ta retotaling ko result

  13. bimlesh yadav

    Management ko re-totling ko result kahilai aauxu plz vananun

  14. Bishnu adhikari

    can u send me retotaling num of mgmt faculty simble no 35700913

  15. dhiraj khadka

    can you send me retotaling result of management 2073

  16. Prinshu gautam

    Can u send me the result of management 2073

  17. Sanju bhatta

    How can we get retotalling result of management stream

  18. ravi yadav

    Enter your thoughts,comments,questions etc..retotaling kasari find out garne ho

  19. Raju giri

    20506974 manegment retotling could u plz send my retotling

  20. dipeshgaihre

    plz management ko retotling k batw harna milchha

  21. Nabin khadka

    How can we get retotling result of management…

  22. Nabin khadka

    Can u send me retooling result, number of management plz…

  23. Krishna acharya

    How to look a retotaling marks
    Please help me??

  24. Krishna acharya

    Please help me!
    How to look retotaling marks

  25. Dhruba thapa

    How to get retotalling of management

    • Sanjay singh

      I am satisfied with the view of hseb .the rule and regulations made by it is vry gud for students future…..

  26. Menush Gongal

    What us required for requesting for retotalling? ?
    Details plz

  27. Ishwor Shrestha

    2073 grade 11ko re totalling marks kahile published hunxa…….???

  28. Sanjay singh

    I am satisfied with the view of hseb .the rule and regulations made by it is vry gud for students future…..

  29. Ganesh nepali

    when retotal result will be published? please inform

  30. Jamuna chhantyal

    Plz help to pass my retotaling of 2074 management