Important Questions and Answers: Polarization

1. Can sound waves be polarized? Explain.

Ans: No, sound waves cannot be polarized. Sound waves are longitudinal waves. In longitudinal waves, the vibrations of particles are oriented in the direction of motion of the waves. This means sound waves are already polarized.  So, sound waves cannot be polarized further.

2. What is polaroid? Mention the uses of polaroid.

Ans: A polaroid is a device used to produce plane polarized light. Some of the uses of polaroid are as follows:

  • It is used for the manufacture of polarized sunglasses.
  • It is used in trains and aeroplanes for  the manufacture of polarized window.
  • It is used to record and reduce the dimensional moving pictures.
  • It is used in LCD screens to display images, letters or numbers in it.

3. What is polarizing angle? Does it depend upon the wavelength of light ?

Ans: The angle of incidence in which complete polarization occurs is called polarizing angle.

From the Canchy’s relation, the refractive index of transparent medium is given by:  $$ \mu = \text{A} +  \frac{\text{B}}{ \lambda^2 }$$

The inverse of this refractive index is the polarizing angle i.e., θp = tan-1(μ). So, polarizing angle depends upon the wavelength of light.

4. What is polarizer and analyzer?

Ans: A polarizer is a substance which is used in cutting the vibration of light radiation in one plane to produce polarized light while analyzer is a substance that detects whether the light is polarized or not.

5. What happens to the intensity of light, when it is polarized?

Ans: When the light is polarized, the vibration of electric vector is allowed in only one plane. The vibration to other plane is restricted. So, the intensity of the light gets decreased.


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