Noise Pollution

The unwanted sound which produces unpleasant effect in our ear is called noise pollution. Noise pollution are either produced by industrial sources like heavy machines or non industrial sources like road vehicles, air crafts, home appliances, crowd of people, loud music, explosives etc. World Health Organization has fixed 45 Decibels as the safe noise level for city area.

Effects of noise pollution

Noise pollution has very huge impact in human health. It has psychological as well as psychological effects. Excessive noise pollution causes deafness (permanent loss of hearing) and reduces mental ability of human being. Noise pollution may results high blood pressure, headache and loss of working efficiency.

Control of noise pollution

  • The sources which cause noise pollution should be controlled to its maximum extent.
  • Excessive use of vehicles horns and whistles should be prevented.
  • Sound absorbing material should be used in large halls to reduce sound effects.
  • Silent vehicles should be highly encouraged.
  • Unnecessary loud music should be avoided.
  • Awareness campaign about the harmful effects of noise pollution is very essential.

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