Transformation of energy

From the law of conservation of energy, we know that energy can be changed from one form to another form. This process of changing or converting one form of energy into another form is known as transformation of energy. There are several forms of energy in this universe. Some of them are described below:

Nuclear energy:

The energy that is released during the process of nuclear reaction is called nuclear energy. It can be further divided to further divided into two types.

  • Nuclear fission: The nuclear reaction in which a heavy nucleus splits into smaller nuclei with tremendous amount of energy is called nuclear fission. In nuclear fission, heavy nucleus is bombarded with slow moving neutrons. Example:

           0n1 + 92U235  → 36Kr92 + 56Ba141 + 30n1 + energy

  • Nuclear fusion:  The nuclear reaction in which the smaller nuclei combine together to give a heavy nucleus is called nuclear fusion. This reaction takes place in very high temperature. Example:

1H2 + 1H3  → 2He4 + 0n1 + energy

Kinetic Energy: The energy possessed by the body in motion is called kinetic energy.

Bio Mass energy: The chemical energy stored in different of plants in the form of biomass is called bio mass energy.

Potential Energy: The energy possessed by the body when it is in rest is called potential energy.

Mechanical Energy: The mechanical energy of an object is the sum of its energy in motion and rest. So, it is the sum of kinetic and potential energy of a body.

Chemical Energy: The energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds is called chemical energy.

Electric energy: The energy possessed by the moving electric charge is called electric energy.

Magnetic Energy: The energy generated due to magnetic field is called magnetic energy.

Radiant (light) energy: The energy of electromagnetic radiation including light is called radiant energy.

Ionization energy: The energy needed to remove one or more electrons from a isolated gaseous atom is called ionization energy.

Elastic energy: The deforming force (restoring force) possessed by the elastic object is called elastic energy.

Gravitational energy: The energy possessed by an object because of its position in a gravitational field is called gravitational energy.

Heat(Thermal) energy: The sum of kinetic energy possessed by the body is called heat energy.

Sound Energy: The energy possessed by the sound waves is called sound energy.

Energy Conversion:

Thermal Power Plant: A thermal power plant produces electricity by burning coal or oil. It consists of turbine which is which is rotated by the high pressure of steam thus resulting the generation of current. Here heat energy is changed into electrical energy.

Hydroelectricity Power Plant: The electricity produced by flowing water is called hydroelectricity. Here, water stored at dam is made flow through a small gap. A turbine is attrached alongside which on rotating produces electric current. Here, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

Wind Mills:  The energy possessed by the wind in motion can generate the electric current. The wind causes the turbine to rotate and genrates electric current.

Biogas plant: The arrangement of producing bio gas from the animal dungs and organic wastes is called bio gas plant. Here chemical energy is changed into heat energy. It is comparatively cheaper source of energy and does not produce smoke.


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