Travelling through the dark



The poem “Travelling through the dark” by William Stanford his poem deals with the great tension between two realities of life which are responsibility and emotion. One night, driving along the dark Wilson river road, the poet finds a dead doe (female deer) on the edge of the road. He stops the car, with an intention of rolling it into the Canyon to stop future accidents. He goes near the dead doe with the help of tail – lights of his car. He found that the doe is pregnant. Her body is stiff and cold. But, when he touches the doe’s side, he feels that there is her fawn inside her belly, waiting alive to be born. He feels the wilderness around him. He is overcome by a warm feeling towards the poor fawn. He can’t decide what to do. He is in a great dilemma. He knows he cannot leave the dear in that condition because it might cause fatal accidents later. Therefore, he pushed it over the edge of river and performed his duty.

Important questions and answers:

1. Explain the title of the poem.

Ans: The title of the poem “Travelling Through the Dark” does not only mean travelling or driving during the night but also indicates that the human beings are travelling into future darkness by destroying nature”. People are so cruel that they ignore other creature feeling like they are the most superior in this world. The innocent pregnant doe lost her life as a result of human negligence and ignorance.


2. Do you think the reference to the alive but never to be born fawn sentimental?

Ans: Yes, I think that the reference to the alive but never to be born fawn is quite sentimental. It evokes the emotions warmer than the efficiency and deeper than the good judgment. By this reference, the readers feel pity on the fate of the helpless fawn inside the dead doe.

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