The last Voyage to the Ghost Ship



The story “The last Voyage to the Ghost Ship” is concerned with the inner mind, feelings, perception and private vision of an innocent boy. The story doesn’t follow the general grammatical rules. The story has been written in just two big sentences, in which the character’s feelings, vision and imaginations are described randomly. This style gives an opportunity to understand the continuous flow of thought process in the human mind. The movement of the story is from a time of weakness of the boy without a man’s strong voice to a time when he commands his vision experiences feelings and will power in a confident strong new man’s voice.

Once when the boy was young, he believed that he saw a large ship passing on the nearby sea. It had no lights and it made no sounds. The boy believed that it was bigger than his whole village and taller than the church. When the light of the lighthouse fell on the ship it disappeared and it appeared on the sea when the light went out. The boy noticed that something was wrong with the ship because it moved to the sand bank and ran into the ground and sank down without giving any sound. Next day he went there and found no sign of the ship. So he thought that it was just a dream. He forgot about the vision until the following March. He saw the ghost ship again on the same night, so he ran and told his mother but she was disappointed. She was afraid that her son was sleeping during the day and going out at night like a criminal. As she was worried about her son, she asked a boatman to take them to the place so that he would be satisfied. Though they did not find any trace of the ship there, the boy was so pigheaded that she agreed to watch it with him next March. But she died before after rocking on the chair.

After the death of his mother the boy became on orphan. People used to hate him and called him the son of the widow who had brought misfortune in the village because few other women also died on the rocking chair used by his mother. Though an orphan he did not wish to live by the charity, so he used to steal fish from the boats and live by that. The next March he saw the ship again told the villagers about it, but they beat him as they didn’t see anything there, The boy become more determined to prove it to the disbelievers one day.

The great moment came when he was rowing in a stolen boat. He was rowing in the dark night and was lost in his thought, he saw the ship again. This time he was not afraid and didn’t run to tell them, instead he lit a lantern and anchored the ship towards the village. He shouted that the ship was there. He saw the disbelievers open their mouth in surprise.

In this way the narrator traces the growth of a weak boy into an assertive young man. The boy’s vision of the ghost ship is linked to his growth. At the end the boy was able to guide the huge ocean linear and the disbelievers were compelled to accept him. The meaning of the boy’s newly discovered ability to control the ship’s movement to his newly developed capacity to handle his imaginative vision successfully due to his maturity towards all these things happened simply in the mind of the narrator.

Important questions and answers:

1. What do you think is the meaning of the boy’s newly discovered ability to control the ship’s movement?

Ans: I think the boy’s newly discovered ability to control the ship’s movement is his ability to control his imagination and his concept. His strong feeling and rage arise due to the hatred by the village towards him. He comes to take revenge with the villagers and want to show his strong power of imagination.

2. What is the protagonist asserting when he brings “the largest ocean liner in his world and other” into his village?

Ans: The protagonist is asserting when he brings the largest ocean liner into his village which pours his strong, imaginative production. At first, he imagines the ship which lead him to expose in the real world. He shouts once about the ship, he is beaten and hated so his dim imagination comes to be strong and he wants to show all his power to the villagers. Therefore, he imagines the large ship to be brought into the villagers publicly.

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