A Story


The story ‘A Story’ by Dylan Thomas humorously presents happy and carefree world of adults through the eyes of a small boy. The narrator describes a day’s outing made by thirty men to a place called Parthcawl where they never reached. As the narrator admits ‘the story hasn’t a proper beginning and end and there is also very little in the middle. But if we go through it carefully we find that it has the characteristics of a short story.

The narrator boy used to live with his uncle and aunt. His uncle was a big red-hairy fellow. He used to eat for too much and sneeze like a buffalo. He used to fill every inch of the little shop he was very noisy and dirty too. Whereas his aunt was medium sized, silky and quick. They used to quarrel and fight sometimes.

One evening uncle and his friends decided to go to the outing. When the boy’s uncle explains her wife about the outing, she asked his uncle whether he chose her or the trip. She also said that if he chose the trip she would go to her mother’s house and stay there. But his uncle chose outing than his wife. On the day of the outing when the boy went to the kitchen, he found a note on the kitchen table. His aunt had already left for her mother’s home and the note contained some instructions for the uncle.

The bus arrived outside their house. As they left the village and were up the hill they found that one of his friend was left behind. They were back to pick him up and drove towards Parthcawl again. After travelling for some time they reached Mountain Sheep, a small public house. They stopped there and went into the inn for drink. They got drunk and broke many glasses there. They enjoyed at different place through heavy drink. At last they drove from bar and came to a river. All of them jumped into a river and said that it was better than their visit to Porthcrawl.

It was already evening. As it was to late to go to Porthcawl, they drove back home. On the bus but there was no public house nearby. They climbed down the bus and sat in a circle in the field and merrily drank and sang together. The boy who was very tired due to the day’s journey drifted into sleep against his uncle’s big waist coat.

Important questions and answers:

1. How does the boy, the narrator, look his uncle and his friend?

Ans: In this story, the boy lives with his uncle. The uncle has a small shop in front of his house. When his uncle’s friend arrive in the shop, he feels that the narrow shop may brust. It is all like being together in a drawer that smells cheese, twist tobacco and the turnips. In short he judges them very bad.

2. Write a paragraph to describe the relation between Thomas and his wife.

Ans: Thomas had a wife. He loved her very much. But sometimes, when she was angry, she used to beat him on his head climbing on a chair with a china dog. When he came home from the annual outing having drunk, she did not like him and she used to threaten him that she would go to her mother’s house. But if he did not drink, she loved him very much and arranged some eggs for him to eat, asked him to take off his boot before he went to bed. In this way, their relation was not that bad.

3. The plan was to go to Porthcrawl for the outing. Did they ever reach there? Why?

Ans: The narrator’s uncle and his friends made a plan to go to Porthcrawl for outing but they did not reach there because there was a small public house on the way. When they reached in the pub, they started drinking. They made the pub empty within an hour and continued their outing. They drank more and more in other pub too. They drank too much to avoid the cold but neglected what their real journey was for. They started swimming in the river and it was too late to travel to Porthcrawl for the outing. Therefore they did not reach there.

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