Standard Solution

The solution with known concentration is called standard solution. It is of two types.

  • Primary standard solution: The standard solution which is prepared by direct weightage of solute in the calculated amount of solvent is called primary standard solution.

 Criteria for a solution to be primary standard solution:

  1. It should be available in pure and dry state.
  2. Its composition should not be changed on storage. i.e., It should not be toxic, volatile, hygroscopic and deliquescent.
  3.  It should be highly soluble in water without any change in its composition.
  4. It should have higher molecular and equivalent weight. S

Some of the examples of primary standard solution are: Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), Potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7), oxalic acid (COOH)2.2H2­O, Mohr’s salt etc.

  • Secondary standard solution: The standard solution whose concentration is measured with the help of primary standard solution is called secondary standard solution. Example: NaOH, HCL, HSO4 etc.

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