Reversible and Irreversible Process

Depending upon the properties, there are two types of thermodynamic processes. They are as follows:

Reversible process: The process which proceeds through a number of steps so that the observable and measurable property does not change or remains constant is known as reversible process. In this process,  system and surroundings can be restored to the initial state from the final state without producing any changes in the thermodynamics properties of the universe. This is just an hypothetical and ideal concept as none of the system and surrounding can be  restored into initial state without the change in thermodynamic properties.

Irreversible process: The process which proceeds in a single step and its measurable and observable parameters get changes is called irreversible process. The irreversible process is also called the natural process because all the processes occurring in nature are irreversible processes. Example: Falling of water from the hill, diffusion of gas etc.

Difference between reversible and irreversible process:

Reversible process Irreversible process
This process is carried out infinitesimally through number of steps. This  process is carried out rapidly in a single step.
System is in equilibrium in all intermediate steps. System is in equilibrium only in the final step.
It takes long duration to complete and hence is slow. It takes minimum time to complete and hence is very rapid.
It is a imaginary process. It is a real and natural process.

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