Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

The branch of chemistry which deals with the speed or rate of chemical reaction, factor affecting the rate of chemical reaction and the mechanism by which the reaction occur is called chemical kinetics.

Classification of chemical reaction on the basis of their speed:

1. Very Fast reaction:  The reaction which takes place instantaneously is known as very fast reaction. This reaction takes place within a fraction of second or few seconds. $$\ce{AgNO3 + NaCL -> AgCl + NaNO3}$$

2.  Moderate fast reaction: The reaction which takes place in moderate speed is known as moderate fast reaction. e.g., Decomposition of H2O.

$$\ce{2H2O2 -> 2H2O + O2}$$

3. Very slow reaction : The reaction which may take days or month to complete is known as very slow reaction. eg: rusting of Iron

$$\ce{Iron + Moist Air ->$\underset{\text{Rust}}{\ce{Fe2O3.xH2O}}$}$$

Chemical kinetics deals with the study of moderate reactions as very slow reactions and very fast reactions are not observable in laboratory.

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