Preparation of Benzene

Some of the general methods of preparation of benzene are as follows:

1. Decarboxylation (Industrial Preparation)

When sodium benzoate is heated with soda lime then benzene is obtained. In this reaction there is removal of CO2.

Industrial Preparation of Benzene

2. From Phenol: When the vapours of phenol is passed over heated zinc dust then benzene is obtained .Preparation of Benzene from Phenol

3. From Cholorobenzene: Chlorobenzene is reduced with Lithium Aluminum hydride LiAlH4  or nickel-aluminum alloy in presence of alkali to give benzene .

Preparation of benzene from chlorobenzene

4. From Phenyl Magnesium Halide: Preparation of Benzene from Phenyl Magnesium Halide

5.From Ethyne: Ethyene polymerizes to benzene when it is passed over red hot copper tube .Preparation of Benzene from Ethyne

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