Physical and Chemical Properties of Zinc

Physical properties:

  • It is a bluiesh white colored metal
  • It is brittle at ordinary temperature but malleable and ductile at 150 degree celsius.
  • It is good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • It is malleable and ductile between 100-150°C, rising the temperature above 200° C, again it becomes brittle.

Chemical properties:

  1. Action with air: It is not affected by the dry air but on introducing it to moist air, there forms a protective layer of basic zinc carbonate.

$$\ce{4Zn +  3H2O + 2O2 + CO2-> $\underset{\text{Basic zinc carbonate}}{\ce{ZnCO3.3Zn(OH)2}}$}$$

  1. Action of water: Pure zinc does not react with water but impure zinc displaces the hydrogen gas. Zinc reacts with HNO3 in four different concentrations to give Hydrogen gas.

$$\ce{Zn + H2O-> ZnO + H2}$$

  1. Action with acids: 
  • Action with Sulphuric Acid: Zinc reacts with dilute as well as concentrated H2SO4 to give hydrogen as well as SO2 gas.

$$\ce{Zn + dil. H2SO4  -> ZnCl2 + H2}$$

$$\ce{Zn + conc. H2SO4  -> ZnSO4 + 2H2O + SO2}$$

  • Action with Nitric Acid: Zinc reacts with HNO3 in four different conditions giving different product:

 With very dil. HNO3 : Zinc gives ammonium nitride and water when it is reacted with very dilute HNO3.
$$\ce{4Zn + 10HNO3->4Zn(NO3)2 + NH4NO2 + 3H2O}$$

with dil. HNO3Zinc reduces dil. HNO3 to nitrous oxide i.e., N2O.
$$\ce{4Zn + 10HNO3 ->4Zn(NO3)2 + N2O + 5H2O}$$

With modrately conc. HNO3: Zinc reduces moderately conc. HNO3 to NO (nitric oxide).
$$\ce{3Zn + 8HNO3->3Zn(NO3)2 + 2NO2 + 4H2O}$$

With conc. HNO3 : Zinc reduces conc. HNO3 to NO2 (nitrogen dioxide).
$$\ce{Zn + 4HNO3->Zn(NO3)2 +2 NO2 + 2H2O}$$

4. Reaction with Alkalies: Zinc readily dissolve in hot and conc. solution of caustic bases like NaOH , KOH, etc giving hydrogen gas.
$$\ce{Zn + NaOH->Na2ZnO2 + H2}$$
$$\ce{Zn + KOH->K2ZnO2 + H2}$$

5. Displacement Reaction: Zinc can displace less electropositive metals from their salt solution.

$$\ce{Zn + CuSO4 ->ZnSO4 + Cu}$$ $$\ce{Zn + 2Na[Au(CN)2]->Na2[Zn(CN)4] + 2Au}$$

Uses of Zinc:

  • It is used in medicine and surgical dressing.
  • It is used for manufacturing facial creams. shoe creams etc.
  • It is  used in teeth filling.
  • It is used as an activator in rubber industry.

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