Physical Quantities and Dimensional Formula 

Some of the physical quantities and their dimension are given below:

Importance of dimensional equations:

  •  It is used to check the correctness of the physical equation.
  •  It is used to derive the relation between various physical quantities.
  • It is used to convert the value of physical quantity from one system of unit to another systems. (Example: Joule to erg, Newton to dyne)
  • It is used to find the dimension of a constant in a given equation.

Limitations of dimension analysis:

  •  It does not give information about the dimensionless constant.
  •  If a quantity depends on more than three factors having dimension, the formula cannot be determined.
  • We cannot derive the formula containing trigonometric function, exponential functions and logarithmic function etc.
  •  The exact form of the relation cannot be developed when there are more than one part in any relation
  •  It gives no information whether a physical quantity is a vector or scalar.

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3 Responses to “Physical Quantities and Dimensional Formula ”

  1. David Mpinzile

    Thanks, how many physical quantities are there in Physics?

  2. Isaac Gyang

    what is the calculation of dimension of capacitance of a capacitor.

  3. Kiran Kumar

    I need it 70 physical quantity and it’s formula and dimensions it’s SI units