19 Responses to “The recurring dream”

  1. prabhat bhattarai

    video of this story

  2. Vishal varma

    Why does the little old man close the door when he sees kim?

  3. Narayan

    plz vedio of this story

  4. Arjun

    Who is the real ghost in this story?

  5. amrit sapkota

    can you write this story in nepali

  6. Sanjay

    How can you say that “The Recurring Dream”is a supernatural story?

  7. Samir Tamang

    What do you think the reason some people have recuring dreams?

    • Aaku

      Suppressed unfulfiled desires
      Work load
      U may elaborate it

  8. Roshan

    Thats nice
    Please sent me image guide too

  9. Abisekh

    Bakwas sabai qstn ko ans lekhnuparxani

    • sanjay mahato


  10. Poonam

    Ya interesting but better v can understand from videos

  11. Royina Limbu

    how does janet help her friend kim when shw was in troubled by the ghost in her dream?