The recurring dream


In this supernatural story “The recurring dream”, there is a young and beautiful 25 years old women named Kimberly Clark. She lives in London and works in a company where she has a good position. However, she has a problem. She has a troublesome, mysterious and frightening dream. In this recurring dream, she finds herself walking in a unknown road of a village. She sees a lane with a white fence and a hedge on a both sides of it. At the end of the lane, see sees a beautiful cottage. She walks towards the house and enters into it. She finds an old man with the white hair and beard sleeping in a bed. When she goes near to him, the old man wakes up and looks at her. At the moment when Kim opens her mouth and talks to the man, she found herself in her bed. The recurring dreams give so much problem to Kim. She is mentally disturbed. Almost every night, she has the same dream about the unknown place and the old man. She tells her roommate Janet about her recurring dream.

One day, Janet decides to take Kim to her parents’ house for a few days. While going to the farm in Janet’s car, Kim closes her eyes and fall asleep. When she wakes up, she is surprised to see the same place in reality. She asks Janet to stop the car. She gets out of the car and stands on the road. The she sees a cottage at the top of a small hill. At the end of the lane, see sees a cottage at the top of a small hill As in her dream, she walks towards the house and finds everything exactly the same. However, she sees a sign “FOR SALE” in front of the house, which see has never seen in her dream.

As in her dream, Kim knocks at the door. She is very much afraid when the same old man with the white hair and beard opens the door. On the other hand, the old man also seems to be afraid. He closes the door. Kim asks the man not to close the door as she wants to talk to him. Then the man opens the door a little and asks her to go away. Kim asks whether the house is on sale or not. The man replies that the house is haunted by a ghost. When Kim asks him how the ghosts looks like, the old man replies that the ghost looks like her and then he locks the door.

Important Questions and Answers:

a. Why is “The recurring dream” a supernatural story?

Ans: The recurring dream is a supernatural story because the magical power and ghosts play an important role in the life of Kimberly Clark. She had the same dream every night which was very strange.

b. Why do you think Kim has this dream?

Ans: Kim’s spirit had been haunting the house. Kim is somehow concerned with the spirit. The spirit joined two people and two distant places. It might be the reason she had this dream every time. Even they used to see each other in their dreams. Therefore I think the spirit caused the strange dream.

c. Describe the house and the lane Kim saw in the dream.

Ans: The cottage was at the end of the lane on the top of the hill. It had a white cottage with green shutters. There was a white fence in on both side of the lane. The lane and the house was same as Kim used to see in her dream. At the front part of the house, a board was hung with a notice with “For Sale” sign written in it.

d. Why does Kim say something about the FOR SALE sign?

Ans: When Kim knocked the door of the cottage, same old man appeared in front of her which she used to see in her dream. Everything was similar but the notice sign indicating “FOR SALE” was different from her dream. So, she talked about it very seriously.

e. Why do you think the cottage is for sale?

Ans: I think the cottage is for sale because according to the old man, the house is haunted by the ghost every night. The old man wanted to leave that place by selling the house.


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22 Responses to “The recurring dream”

  1. prabhat bhattarai

    video of this story

  2. Vishal varma

    Why does the little old man close the door when he sees kim?

    • Saugat basnet

      When we see mestrious things then it’s nature that we will be afraid. So in this story the kimberley used to come in old man house in dream as old man thinks that kimberley as gost. So the little old man was frighten and he close the door

  3. Narayan

    plz vedio of this story

  4. Arjun

    Who is the real ghost in this story?

  5. amrit sapkota

    can you write this story in nepali

  6. Sanjay

    How can you say that “The Recurring Dream”is a supernatural story?

  7. Samir Tamang

    What do you think the reason some people have recuring dreams?

    • Aaku

      Suppressed unfulfiled desires
      Work load
      U may elaborate it

  8. Roshan

    Thats nice
    Please sent me image guide too

  9. Abisekh

    Bakwas sabai qstn ko ans lekhnuparxani

    • sanjay mahato


  10. Poonam

    Ya interesting but better v can understand from videos

  11. Royina Limbu

    how does janet help her friend kim when shw was in troubled by the ghost in her dream?

  12. Saugat

    Kimberley was mentaly touchered by the recurring dream so her friend decieds her to take her parents farmhouse so she will forget about the draem and come touch with the natural environment….

  13. Shrisha kc

    Janet wants to take kim to her parent’s farm for a few days so that she can get rid of her troublesome recurring dream. The recurring dream gives kim alot of trouble. She is mentally tired and disturbed. She is taken to the countryside by her roomate with a hope that she can get relief in the peaceful environment.