The Lost Doll


Carmen was the only child of her parents, Roborto and Soto. She was a beautiful, bright, kind and a loving child. However, the little girl was sick from the day of her birth. Her condition became worse day by day and she died at the age of four. After few days of the funeral ceremony of Carmen, Rosa gave away Carmen’s things (clothes, playthings etc) to a priest. She did so by thinking that she couldn’t have another child. When Roberto knew that Carmen’s things were given away, he became unhappy. He wanted to save the things as he hoped that God would certainly give them another baby. He asked for the doll with whom Carmen used to play. He looked at the backyard where Carmen used to play and asked about the doll. Rosa replied that she had not given away the doll. Though they asked everyone in the village about the doll, they couldn’t find it.

When Rosa gave birth to the another child on the first anniversary of her of the death of Carmen, they forget about the lost doll. Roborto and Roja Soto became extremely happy as they thought that God fulfilled their wish by giving them back their baby. As the birth of a new baby girl was a good news for them, they named her Evengelina. When Evengelina grew, she looked very much similar to Carmen. Her actions and characters were alike that of Carmen. However unlike Carmen, Evengelina was a healthy girl. When Evengelina was about four, she told her mother that she had been sick a long time before. She told her aunt that she had a doll which she had buried under a tree in a yard. Evengelina’s mother dug up the ground and to her great surprise, she found the lost doll. Rosa was amazed as she couldn’t know whether it was dream or reality. Evengelina remembered about her past told everything she knew. Rosa and her family were happy to know all these things and stayed happily ever after.

Important Questions and Answers:

a. Why do you think that “The lost doll” is a supernatural story?

Ans: “The lost doll” is a supernatural story because it mentions about the possibility of the reincarnation. Evengelina, a reincarnated girl remembered everything about her previous birth which is very unusual and strange to other people.

b. Why do you think everyone in the village attended Carmen’s funeral?

Ans: Everyone in the village attended Carmen’s funeral because she was a beautiful bright and loving girl. Carmen was the only child of Roberto and Roja Soto. As she died at the age of four, everybody in the village were shocked in her early demise.

c. In what ways were Carmen and Evengelina alike? How were they different?

Ans: Carmen and Evenglina, both were bright, kind and loving. Both of them were similar in appearance, actions and character. Both of them liked to play with the doll. As Evengelina grew up, she looked like her sister. While Carmen was very sick from the beginning of her birth and Evengelina was a healthy girl.

d. What are the similarities between the lost doll and Carmen?

Ans: The doll and Carmen were together when they were alive. The doll had blue eyes and a red dress as that of Carmen. When she died, the doll was also buried in the grave as it was carried away by Carmen. They were burried together and revived together again after the birth of Evengelina as the reincarnation of Carmen.

e. Compare Roborto and Roja Soto.

Ans: Roborto and Roja Soto were husband and wife. They loved each other very much. Both of them were shocked with the untimely demise of their only child. Roborto had optimistic character and strong faith in god, but his wife did not believe in god. Roja did not believe that they would have another child, but finally her words became false.

f. Rosa said to her husband “False hope is not good.” When does the hope become false?

Ans: Hope becomes false when there is no possibility to fulfill it. As doctor had told them earlier that she could not bear anymore baby than Carmen, Rosa didn’t want to wish for the impossible thing that she could give birth to another child.


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