The House Call


Dr. Brawn was a famous German surgeon. The day after the Christmas of 1903, he was sitting alone in his dinning room at about 9:30 PM. As he was old and very much tired, he soon fell asleep, He suddenly woke up hearing the doorbell. He went to the door and saw a poor little girl wearing a cotton shawl. The girl requested him to go and see her sick mother who was very serious. The doctor has worked more than eight hours that day and was quiet tired. However he was ready to go go with the girl was he never deny the task offered by the god.

When Dr. Brawn walked out of the house, it was raining heavily. The girl walked up very fast ahead and doctor followed her. He tried to catch up the girl as he wanted to ask her some questions. However, she walked so fast that he couldn’t talk to her. They passed the poorest part of Berlin and reach an old house. The little girl, entered the dark passage of the house and started climbing the stairs. Dr. Braun followed her quickly until he saw her standing at the doorway of a room in a fifth floor. She thanked the doctor for his kindness. When they went in, the little girl closed the door softly behind him. Dr. Brawn saw a women lying on a bed. He recognized the women. She was Elda who used to work in the same hospital where Dr. Braun was working. The doctor found that Elda was suffering from Pneumonia. He gave her some medicine and tried to make her comfortable.

The doctor knew that Elda had gone to stay at her brother’s house in the house in the village. He asked her when she had come back. Elda replied that she came back just three months ago after the death of only daughter. With full of tears in her eyes, Elda told that her only little girl died of flu in September. Dr. Braun was extremely surprised. He looked around her but the little girl had already disappeared. It was the most strange and mysterious dream incident that happened in his life. Elda showed him her daughter’s shoes and shawl which she kept as a remembrance of her daughter. When the daughter found that the old shoes and the shawl were wet, he was more surprised and confused. When she looked at women, he found her asleep, He touched her head, closed the door and gets out of it.

 Important Questions and Answers: 

a. Write a paragraph about Dr. Braun.

Ans: Dr. Emil Braun was a famous German surgeon. He lived in Berlin with his wife. He was sixty seven years old. He had a great faith in god. He did whatever Got put infront of him. He was a hardworking doctor. As a head surgeoon, he used to perform and supervise difficult surgical operations for long hours. He often used to write notes about his day’s work at home in the evening. He was a kind hearted and dutiful doctor.

b. Why do you think the little girl walked ahead of the doctor instead of walking with him?

Ans: The little girl walked ahead of the doctor instead of walking with him because she was spirit of a girl who had died three months before. By keeping a distance apart from him, she would keep her identity hidden and the doctor would not notice her strange appearance.

c. Why did the little girl come to the doctor’s home?

Ans: It was wonderful that Elda, the little girl’s mother had prayed and hoped that Dr. Braun would come and provide her necessary treatment. Although her daughter was dead, she heard the prayer of her mother and appeared in the form of spirit merely to help her mother.

d. What did Dr. Brawn discover when he went to the girl who came to his house?

Ans: When Dr. Braun went with the girl who came to his house, he discovered that the girl’s mother who was seriously sick and lying in the bed was once a maintenance staff in his hospital. The girl’s mother told very strange things about her daughter which doctor couldn’t simply believe.


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  1. Äashïq Äashïqüë

    its iz very imp.. n knowlable

  2. Susan Nepal

    what are two possible explanations of who the girl was who came to fetch the doctor

    • Bijay Lama

      The two possible explanations of the girl who came to fetch the doctor are:
      1. Her voice was weak but clear, she may be at the age of six or seven, She was wearing a cotton dress and shabby shoes and over her head she had ragged a shawl which was holding together at he neck.
      2. She was very obedient girl also that her mother send her in a cold rainy night.

  3. neesha khadka

    write the conversation which took place when Dr. braun told his wife when he returned from this house call ?

    • Ammar Dangi

      May be he went from there with scaring and he sleep without talking with his wife.

  4. Sobina magar

    If the doctor was too tired to eat and write why was he not too tired to go to see the sick woman ?

    • Krishna bhandari

      This is because he is pleased by the little girl voice and the news that her mother is very sick..

  5. simran acharya

    What do you think dr brawn wanted to ask the girl?

    • Ammar Dangi

      This is why that the doctor was much appreciated with the girl and he wanted to know how she knew him and how she got the way in the raining night.

  6. Krishna bhandari

    he wanted to ask that what’s her name was?And how far from she had came?

  7. Krishna bhandari

    What do you think the doctor thought when he found out that the shoes were wet and the shawl damp??

    lonely lovely dang tulsipur

  8. Ajay pandey

    Who was the girl may be who visited doctor?

    • Swastee

      She might be an angel…#

  9. Swastee


  10. Sachin

    Admin you wrote daughter instead of doctor
    #4th last line

  11. Purnima

    This is really good for the students who want better marks

  12. Shreya

    The story says that the doctor was trying to catch up with the little girl so he could ask her a few questions.
    a) What do you think he wanted to ask her?
    b) Do you think the girl wanted to answer the questions? Explain.

    • Madhu shah

      I want all question answers of the story the house call

  13. Aashish Pant

    At 5th last sentence it should be doctor not daughter.And at 10th sentence “go” is written two times. Update that

  14. Bibek sapkota

    What do you think the doctor thought when he found out that the shoes were wet and shawl was damp?

  15. Sonu khadka

    Write the conversation about which took place when Dr.braun told his wife when he returned from this house call ?

  16. yashashwi bhandari

    why did the doctor have a look of surprise when elda told him that her daughter died in September?

  17. sushma acharya

    how old was doctor braun when this incident took place

  18. Asrarul haq

    sent me a story of lost doll in nepali language

  19. Shankar Poudel

    In the story the house call and the the loving mother what are the differences and similarities