Armando Golzalez was a simple and hardworking man. After the hard work of twenty years, Armando and his wife had saved fifty thousand pesos in a bank of Mexico City. With the dream of buying a new house, Armando went to the bank to withdraw the money. The cashier counted the money loudly. Armando thought that everyone in the bank knew how much money he had withdrawn. Many people began to look at Armando as he had worn his hat on backward. With fear and nervousness, Armando misunderstood the people. He thought that everyone was watching him for the money, When Armando came to the street to wait for the bus, he saw the fat man next t him. In his nervous state of mind, Golzalez was sure that the fat man was going to rob his money. His whole body trembled and his heart began to beat loudly. when the fat man put his hand in his pocket, Armando became more frightened thinking that he was looking for a pistol. In this way, every sight made him more and more nervous.

When the fat man also got on the same bus, he was more afraid. His whole dream of buying the new house was in his pocket. He was not happy because he thought that someone would easily take away his dream. To save him from being robbed, Gonzelez got off the bus in the middle of the way. When the three boys also got off the same place, Armando was quiet sure that he they were going to rob him. Being nervous and frightened, he ran shouting for help, Armando ran faster and went through the fence. His body was scratched and clothes were torn. He fell on the ground several times and he suffered a lot. When the three boys caught him, said that he was an honest man and he earned that money with a great labour and hardwork. However, when the boys informed that they came there for football match, he was ashamed of his unnecessary fear and nervousness. In this way, Armando made everything worse due to his fear and nervousness.

 Important Questions and Answers:

a. What are some of the things that made Armando think that someone was going to rob him?

Ans: Some of the things which made him think that someone was going to rob him are as follows:

  • He was withdrawing large amount of money in cash.
  • The cashier women spoke to him about the cash very loudly.
  • Everyone was watching him with interest.
  • As the fat man was found everywhere, in the bank as well as at the bus stand, as if he was following him.
  • The boys were talking with the heavy man as if they were the participants of robbery plan.
  • The boys got off the bus at the same place where Armando himself got off.
  • They also ran behind Armando.

b. If someone had told him that his hat was on backwards when he left the bank do you think that Armando would have felt better? Explain.

Ans: It think if someone had told him that his has was on backwards, he might have felt better. Majority of the people just looked at him just because he had his hat on backwards, but Armando thought that they would rob him. People would not have looked him like that if his hat was in proper position. As a result, he would not have a feeling that they were planning to rob him.

c. As Armando waited for the bus in the street, why he wasn’t happy about buying a new house?

Ans: He had fair that his money would be robbed. The heavy man, who was watching him in the bank, was there waiting for the bus. He suspected him to be a robber. He remembered what the bank women had said. It would have been safer if he had taken cashier cheque for money. This makes him frightened during his journey.


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3 Responses to “Fear”

  1. yashashwi bhandari

    “Armando Gonzalez is the victim of his own psyche.” justify.

  2. Abina Nepal

    Why did Armando have the idea that everyone in the bank was watching him? What was the truth?

  3. Ganesh

    Why is armando afraid of the heavy man on the bus??