The Three day Blow


The Three day blow is a dramatic story that contains dramatic element such as dialogue, plot, setting and characters. The story begins with the exposition in which there is a narrative description of the setting. The rain has just stopped and Nick is walking in the road and reaches the cottage at the top of the hill. From the cottage orchards, woods, road and the lakes can be seen.

Bill and Nick began sat by the fire in the sitting room of the cottage and they began to drink whisky. They involved in different actions and dialogue. They talked about baseball players, their favorite writers, their own fathers and finally about Nick’s girlfriend, Marjoire. They talked about the conflict, suffering and the tragic seperation. As the three day blow comes suddenly and make the tree bare, similar king tragic blow came in the love affair between Nick and Marjorie. Towards the end of the story, Nick’s heart became lighter as he saw some possibility of reunion. As the bare trees have possibility of having new leaves, Nick became optimistic about their reunion and the story moves to the reconciliation.

Thus this story reveals the psychological problem faced by Nick due to tragic separation from his girlfriend as he had crossed different mental stages in his life. The story ends with the hopeful note.

Important Questions and Answers: 

a. Discuss “Three day blow” as dramatic story.

Ans: A dramatic story is one that resembles to drama. So, in many aspects “Three day low” gives the impression of dramatic style. The story contains dramatic elements such as dialogue, plot, setting and character. The story is presented in sequence of approximately seven scenes except the opening exposition. This shows the story is very close to drama. The theme of the story i.e., movement from conflict, through the suffering and separation, to reconciliation is delicately exposed in the dialogues, which shows that it is a complete dramatic story.

b. The story is presented in a sequence of approximately seven scenes(excluding the opening position). Can you find them?

Ans: The seven scenes are listed below:

  • Nick and Bill sit by the fire and start to talk.
  • They talk about books and made comparison between two writer.
  • They talk about their fathers.
  • Nick brings wine from the kitchen and they begin to drink.
  • They start discussing about Marge business.
  • Nick explains about his painful conflict and suffering.
  • The conflict is resolved and Nick is hopeful.

c. What is the similarity between “The Three day blow” and the mental pain that Nick undergoes?

Ans: The writer has shown the partial relationship between the blowing wind and the mental state of Nick. In the beginning, wind creates confusion as to what harm will it cause. Then it blows off the leaves of the trees of leaving them bare. Finally, the wind doesn’t seem to be very terrible. In the similar way, Nick is in confusion. He cannot decide whether he should marry his girlfriend or not. He has trouble making mother. Then he feels unhappy due to the idea of getting separated from her. He things it’s all over like “Three day blow”. Finally he thinks there is a chance that he can meet her in town and he feels happy. in this way, he finds his solution and his mental pain is over.


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  1. anil

    What is the relationship between weather condition and sequence of event in the Three Day Blow story

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      Mailay ne Thai khojdai xu

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    Who is nick?