The Six Million Dollar Man


In “The Six Million Dollar Man”, The writer examines the statistical statement about the chemical value of the human body. But he is surprised when he find that the human body only worth 97 cents. He is worried that he and his friends may be taken to biochemical company by paying just 97 cents. Then the writer takes the matter seriously and decides to make detailed study. When he make a detailed study by taking a price list of all parts of the human body from a biochemical company, he screams with joy and  pleased to know that views that human value is six million dollars. The writer makes deeper study of cells. tissues and organs and finally comes to the conclusion that human body is precious and cannot  be priced in money.

He calculates that an average value of a gram dry weight of human body is $245.54. His dry weight is 26636 gram. So, he finds that the value of his body is $6,000,015. He calls himself as a six million dollar man. Then, when he makes detailed study of human body, the price of human will certainly increase. He even makes the statement that if we measure the human price in terms of synthesized cellular substructure, it will be six hundred billion or trillion dollars. If we assemble the cells into tissues, tissue into organs and organs into person, we can’t imagine the price of the human body. Then the writer comes to the striking definition that human beings are infinitely precious. Thus, the writer finally says that the human body is priceless and each person is endlessly valuable.

Important Questions and Answers:

1. Explain the title of the story and the author’s joy in discovering that he is Six Million Dollar Man.

Ans: The title of the essay implies that the price of human being is infinitely precious. The writer did not believe that the price of the chemicals that made up human body would be 97 cents only. He visited the biochemical company and listed the chemical s and their respective prices. Hemoglobin was $ 2.95 per gram, Human DNA is $798 per gram, prolactin was $ 175,500,000 per gram and so on. After that he found out the average price to be $245.54. Then, he calculated his dry weight. After all he knew that his body worth six million dollars. Inspecting all the calculation more, he found that human value cannot be priced.

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    s human is six million doller men

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