Malini is a poetic play about love and hatred which shows the conflict between Hinduism and Buddhism. The princess Malini. The princess Malini is the central character of the play. She is the symbol of love, truth, peace and non-violence. Though she is form Hindu religion, she was taught by the Buddhist Monk. She doesn’t believe on the Gods of Books. The Brahmins think that she would introduce her religion in Hindu kingdom. So, the Brahmins revolt against Buddhism and they demand for the banishment of Princess Malini in order to save their religion. Malini is ready to be exiled from the palace.

Kemankar even goes to the foreign land to bring soldiers troops to protect the old religion. When his best friend Supriya betrays him, Kemankar is captured by king. He is going to be given death sentence for his treason against the Kingdom. However, in request to Supriya and Malini, the King is ready to forgive him. When Kemankar asks him what he will do if he is forgiven, Kemankar replies that he want to see his best friend Supriya. When Supriya goes close to him, Kemankar strikes Supriya with a chain and kills him for his betrayal of their friendship. Then finally, King opens his sword to chop him off. Malini requests the king to forgive Kemankar and the play ends with the suspense whether or not the king forgives Kemankar.

Important Questions and Answers:

a. Sketch the character of Malini.

Ans: The central character of the play, Malini is the daughter of a king. She is young and unmarried. Malini gets her education from Buddhist Monks. As a result, she is completely influenced by Buddhist philosophy. She takes interest in people’s problems and hardships. She doesn’t believe on the Gods of Books. As she is ready for her own banishment, this shows her kind and obedient nature. As she requests her father to forgive Kemankar who murdered his own friend, we can say she is the symbol of love, truth, peace and non-violence. Play writer has expressed his message through the character Malini.

b. Would you call Supriya a betrayer? Give reasons to support your answer.

Ans: Supriya and Kemankar have been best friends and living together since their childhood. When Kemankar wants Malini to be banished, Supriya thinks differently. He is against the banishment of an innocent girl. When Kemankar wants to go to the foreign land to bring soldiers to protect his religion, Supriya wants to follow him. Kemankar, however, asks him to remain there and keep him informed. He even warns Supriya not to betray their old friendship in the name of religion conflict. When Kemankar goes to foreign land and writes his friend about his new plans, Supriya betrays him. He tells the king about all the new plan of Kemankar. This suggests that Supriya is a great betrayer.

c. Do you think the King will forgive Kemankar?

Ans: I think the king cannot resist his anger at the end of the play when Kemankar kills Supriya. The king is very pleased with Supriya as he betrays his friend Kemankar and helps the King to capture him. Thus the king accepts the request of his own daughter to forgive Kemankar. However, at the end of the play, Kemankar doesn’t give up his decision and more than that he kills Supriya. So, in my opinion, the king cannot pardon such murderer and I think he orders to execute Kemankar.

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