The Poplar field


In the poem “The poplar field” the poet expresses his view in defense of conservation of nature. In this poem, the poet is made unhappy by the sight of the poplar field. The poplars are cut down and they are lying dead on the ground. Twelve years before, the poet has enjoyed the beautiful scenes of the poplar field. He had taken rest in the shade of the trees enjoying the sweet song of the blackbirds. He had heard the whispering of the leaves of the trees. He used to see beautiful reflection of the trees in the river.

But, after twelve years, everything is changed. The poplars are no longer in existence. They are felled off for the momentary pleasures of the human beings. There is no reflection of the poplars on the river. The blackbirds have flown away and people can no longer enjoy the melodious song. The green forest has been changed into desert. The sight of the dead poplars make the poet realize that his days are passing quickly. In the near future, he will die and lie in the grave just like the poplars. He shows the connection between cutting down of trees and end of the human life. Thereby, the poet indirectly suggests us to take preventive measures to protect the nature.

Important Questions and Answers: 

a. Consider this poem as a defense of nature conservation.

Ans: The poem is written in the favor of nature conservation. People are destroying the forests for the momentary pleasure. But people are short sighted and unaware about the destruction that will surely occur in the future. The world will turn out into bare desert if this process continues. So, the poet indirectly suggests all the people to take preventive measures to protect the nature.

b. How is human life related with plant life?

Ans: A plant is habitat for all kinds of creature. The environment we live in is pleasant and beautiful. Birds make the environment melodious and charming. Human beings completely depend upon plants for the survival. Different types of medicinal herbs, food are extracted from plants. The oxygen we breathe in comes from the plants. This shows human life has very intimate relation with plant life.


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