Applications and Sources of Organic Compounds

Application of organic compounds:

The application of organic chemistry in today’s world is considered as very vital. There are more than five millions of organic compounds till now.  Many compounds are yet to be discovered. Some of the major applications of organic compounds are:

  • Poly-ethene is is used to make plastic buckets, bowls, plastic bags etc.
  • Poly-phenylethtane is used to make yoghurt cartoons and packaging.
  • Poly tetra fluroethane is used to make non stick coating in frying pans.
  • Poly propane is used to make strong ropes.
  • Different hydrocarbons are used to manufacture medicines.
  • Ethene is used as a fuel for vehicles, airplanes etc.
  • Likewise, different organic compounds are used in cosmetics, agriculture, clothing etc.

Sources of organic compounds:

The main sources of organic compounds are living organisms i.e., plants and animals. The various organic compounds have been prepared artificially in laboratories. Some of the important sources of organic compounds are as follows:

1. Plants: Most of the organic compounds are obtained from plants and animals by suitable methods of isolation. Example: Carbohydrates, protein, perfumes, colors are obtained from plants.

2. Coal: Coal is another main source of organic compounds. From coal, hundreds of useful organic substances like solvents, synthetic rubber, explosives, plastics etc are produced by carrying suitable synthetic reactions.

3. Fermentation: One of the useful method for obtaining some organic substances like alcohols, acids, vitamins, antibiotics is fermentation. Fermentation is the process carried in presence of micro-organisms. In this process, the larger micro organisms are converted into simple organic compounds by micro-organisms.

4. Artificial synthesis: Nowadays, a large number of organic compounds are artificially synthesized in the laboratory. Examples: plastics, fibres, drugs, vitamins, dyes etc. However, the starting substances required for the artificial synthesis are obtained mainly from petroleum and coal.


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