Position of Oxygen in Periodic Table

Oxygen lies in group VI A and has the electronic configuration 1s2, 2s2, 2p4. It shows very high electronegative character so it has tendency to gain electrons from other elements. Oxygen is only gas its group, while other members are liquid and solid and radioactive elements.  Oxygen has the highest ionization energy among all the members of group VI A. Oxygen as well as other members have its respective allotropes. They all form hydrides.

Note: Allotropes are the different physical form of an element. It is very common in group IV, V and VI elements. Hydrides are the binary compounds of hydrogen with other elements.

Anomalous behavior of oxygen:

Oxygen shows unique behaviour among all of its member in group VI A. The following reasons supports the anomalous behaviour of oxygen.

– Oxygen is gas while all the other elements in group VI A are solid, liquid and radioactive elements.

– Oxygen is paramagnetic molecule while other elements are diamagnetic.

– Oxygen is diatomic while other elements are polyatomic.

– Oxygen can form hydrogen bonding while other elements cannot form hydrogen bonding.

– It’s compounds are mostly ionic while other members form covalent compounds.

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